Our Story

Vita Lamberson has been sewing clothing and blankets for children since the age of seven when her mother gifted her a sewing machine.  She made quilts as baby gifts for family and friends, preemie clothes for a local hospital, and clothing for her siblings while in school.  After four years of working as a costume seamstress during college, Vita chose another career path, but would continue sewing in her spare time.  Motherhood provided the opportunity for her to widen her sewing skills, and develop an even deeper love of creating for babies and children.  Vita, with the support of her husand, decided to start this company as a way to express creativity, reclaim her identity, and live a more purposeful life during a time that can often feel monotonous and trying.  Her two children inspire everything and are always trying to "help."

Every piece is handmade entirely by Vita in her studio.